There are several key components to tuning a piano successfully. Put as simply as possible, a job requires requires the following in order to successfully maintain your piano:

Tuning the piano is a necessary and important procedure that should be carried out once a year from a qualified technician. However, for many people or institutions who use and play more regularly (including schools, colleges or performing arts centres) may need to tune their piano more than once a year.

Voicing is the tone, colour or harmonic content of the sound that is produced from your piano. All voicing that is carried out is at a high standard and is fixed into the daily tuning quote.

Regulation means maintenance for the piano. Regulation controls the machine parts of the piano and can change the touch or feel to your liking. All regulation is carried out at a high quality standard and is fixed into the daily tuning quote.

Bradley’s Piano Tuning Lineage comes to him from the most qualified tuners and technicians in the world. Master professor Brent Ottley from Australasian Piano Technology was Bradley’s fundamental instructor in 2011 at the piano tuning school in Melbourne, and Mr. Chris Whelan (respected master mentor) from Echuca took a very special interest in Bradley’s ability, discipline, easy nature, passion, and strong work ethic to rural and central areas.