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Your piano tuner in the country

Faithfully servicing Ballarat, Bendigo, Horsham, Castlemaine, Kerang and their surrounds for over 10 years.



  • 568 Country Towns
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  • 50880 Strings Tuned
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Professional, experienced, friendly and fully qualified piano tuner.

The best professional and friendly piano tuning services in regional Victoria

Servicing both rural and metropolitan Victoria, Australia.

Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning

Ensuring your instrument can sounds its best or above concert pitch of A440 hertz.

Piano Servicing

Piano Servicing

Much like your car.., your Instrument should be serviced by a qualified professional from small to medium work.

Piano Restoration

Piano Restoration

Major work and the extreme case scenario for any piano needing a new lease of life. Get your instrument working as new and for the future.


Why Choose Brad?

Highly Skilled

Bradley come from a line of experience. He continues to learn as well participates in Conventions, seminars and workshops here in Australia and overseas.

Guild Member

Being a member of the P.T.T.G.V and A.P.T.T.A, ensures a code of ethics and quality assurance for your prized possession.

Trusted Expert

Bradley is widely respected in the piano industry, as well highly trusted to help you with your inquiry.

Value for money

It may be business... but Bradley likes to sleep of a night. Good old country values, he knows the land and your circumstance. You can rest assured that the value of service is well represented of monetary value per each inquiry.


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