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The piano is a highly complexed instrument and needs to maintained and professionally respected in the home. Unlike electronic items, true acoustic pianos regularly maintained can last for a lifetime, whilst maintaining a monetary value along the way.

The piano consists of many delicate and intricate parts, moving very precisely many times as well as the piano strings, tuning pins and the tuning procedure. Improper adjustment of the tuning pins will result in bent pins, damaged tuning planks and poor tuning stability both short and longer term.

Vigorous and excessive movements of the tuning pins has the very real possibility of breaking strings, over stretching the strings affecting tone and tuning, as well as placing too much downward and sideways pressure upon the timber bridges and bridge pins, resulting in extremely poor tone, vibrations and poor tuning stability.


Make no mistake, this structural damage is permanent.


Without thorough training in the regulation or adjustments of the piano actions and keyboards in grand pianos and uprights, an incompetent tuner will be unable to correct wear issues relating to use. Many thousands of individual parts go into the making of the piano action and keyboard.

Do you really think it is wise to have a “Hobbyist” or someone who claims to be able to play the piano look after your valuable asset?


I have assessed many instruments across Victoria in relation to bad or untrained work. It is very disheartening and frustrating to see, as well angry and destressing for the home-owner to realise the deception, dishonesty, poor-work or mistake.